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Reflexology at Natural Balance

Reflexology is a particular type of steady, even pressure applied to the feet which produces deep relaxation and potential healing benefits in all parts of the body.

 The operating principle is that there are reflexes in the feet which affect each organ and all parts of the body. The Reflexologist stimulates those reflexes through applying specialised touch to the more than 7000 nerve endings in the feet, reducing stress, inducing deep relaxation and increasing the body’s potential for healing. 

The Stress Of Life

Stress is a necessary part of life, but it becomes a problem when we don’t manage it well. Excessive stress and tension constrict blood flow, slowing circulation – the process by which oxygen and nutrients are carried to and waste products and toxins are removed from the cells, which comprise the human body.

With excess waste and insufficient nutrition the body’s defences break down and we become more susceptible to illness and disease.

Reflexology induces a dynamic relaxation which allows the blood and lymph circulation processes t operate more efficiently. It unblocks the neural pathways which carry messages to the spinal cord and the brain, allowing the brain to communicate to the organs and muscles the instructions they require to operate at optimum levels.

Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and fatigue. For those who live in a world of worries, responsibilities, noise, distraction, and deadlines, reflexology provides a quiet oasis of peace and renewal.

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