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Reiki at Natural Balance

Reiki is a bio-energy therapy which is known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and restore energy- thus enhancing clarity of thought and assisting with physical emotional and healing
Translated from the Japanese to mean “universal life force energy”, Reiki involves healing touch which is applied methodically to the body’s energy centres, or Chakras.

 The healing hands of a Reiki Practitioner are positioned along the body’s Chakras, which correspond with the components of the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates hormone balance and metabolism.

The endocrine system releases  the body’s own chemical regulators into the bloodstream to achieve the balance, or homeostasis, between the other body systems which ensures optimal functioning.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Enhance Performance.

Stress is necessary for the perpetuation o all life forms. Excessive stress, however, causes the hormones to release proteins which impedes circulation and drains bio-energy. When the supply of bio-energy is low or depleted, the result is physical, mental, and/ or emotional exhaustion resulting in irritability, depression and increased risk for physical illness. Reiki helps bring the body’s energy system back into balance and replenish the bio-energy supply.


Natural Balance Products only uses a trained and experienced Reiki Master who gives the Reiki treatments.

Treatment by appointment only (See Treatment Pricing for Prices)


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